About Us

ICHEL Express is the fastest growing Manipuri Edition Newspaper and emerging in the print media in Manipur. Since its inception in 2015, the printing media has a revolution in Manipur and has emerged as a biggest transparency leader in print media.  It reaches over 50,000 unique visitors who collectively account for 1,000,00 page readers in all form of media.

ICHEL Express proudly carries the news and events form every corners of Manipur with a stand out leadership in helping and providing globalization people voice to unheard voices of people.

ICHEL Express strictly encompasses the following objectives, that is why ICHEL Express emerges as an Independent Leader in different dimension within a short of printing media journey.

  1. To give voice to the unheard voices.
  2. To empower people specifically the downtrodden and neglected sections.
  3. To promote constructive, ethical and professional journalism.
  4. To provide information about current events, on issues of social, political, economic, sports, cultural and science and technological importance through news, articles and advertisements.
  5. To increase the educational level of the people through information regarding medicine, agriculture, history, economics, social work, geography, politics and various other such dimensions.
  6. To interpret facts, i.e., into the right perspective of the facts.
  7. To protect the rights of people.
  8. To provide a forum for public debate and discussion on matters of general interest.
  9. To entertain people through cartoons, puzzles, comedy and other such features.
  10. To endeavor towards being the true reflection of the current social reality.